Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daughtry & 3 doors down ~ Myth nightclub | St. Paul/Minneapolis Concert Photographer

I'm no concert review writer.  My review would go something like "Awesome"... "Amazing"... "Out of this World"... "Blew me Away".  As is the case with every show I have seen when Daughtry is performing.  I am much better at just taking & sharing the pictures.

So, here you go.  Just a small share from the show I was able to attend on Saturday evening at the Myth in Maplewood.

First up... 3 Doors Down.  My first time seeing them live, they rocked it!

Chris came out for a song with Brad...pure heaven.  Looks like they get along just fine.

Next up, Daughtry!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daughtry | Twin Cities Concert Photographer

A little of my concert work ~ 2011-2012

(note: these are shots from various cities, not all here in St.Paul/Minneapolis)

Daughtry ~check 'em out!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mike Sanchez | Twin Cities Concert Photographer

This guy is amazing,  If you don't know his stuff be sure and check him out!  I had the chance to see him several times this year, as one of the openers for Daughtry.  Quickly became a fan.

Check him out here... The Mike Sanchez

Adding a few in color.  Guess Mike lends himself to black & white conversions. Ha!  You can probably see I prefer them a lot for my concert work.

Go Radio & Safety Suit | Twin Cities Photographer

These two bands put on an AMAZING high energy performance!  Definitely a concert to sweat to.

It was Jason's birthday this night.  A toast to him mid-show.